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Your customer lying puts you in a very awkward and uncomfortable position. You must handle this delicately. As a refined professional, you never want to come right out and say to your customer, “we know you are lying!” Use phrases such as:

– “Our research shows us the following.”
– “After speaking to the people who saw or heard the event, they understand the situation differently.”
– “Do you believe there could possibly be a different explanation?”

Hopefully, at this point the customer will realize that in your mind their story is suspect and will retreat from the situation. If not, and the customer wants a refund or compensation, you have two choices.

  1. If it is a small amount or item, you might decide it is not worth the time or emotional investment and give in.
  2. If it is a much more complex and expensive situation, you can respectfully explain to the customer that due to the facts you disagree and will not be honoring the request.

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