Customer Service Strategies (hospitality &financial institutions )

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  • Whether your financial institution is worldwide or local, there are several customer service strategies you can employ to earn the good favor of customers.
  • Little “Things” Matter:Finance is an industry where relationships are everything and in most cases will be the reason why a client chooses one advisor or bank over another. Focus on the small details that the client provides—his or her preferences and favorite things—and commit a random act of kindness to follow-up with those details. For example, if your customer goes through the drive-through teller window with a dog in his/her car, you might include a dog treat with his/her transaction. Show your client that you genuinely care about him/her. After the post office bumped up the price of stamps again, one financial advisor sent all his clients a roll of penny stamps to make up the difference until his clients got used to the new rate. Small gestures like this can be very powerful and meaningful,Each thoughtful act contributes to a sense of genuine caring and fosters loyalty.
  • Connect with Community

One of the perceptions of financial institutions is that they charge too many fees and are greedy. To combat this viewpoint, organizations should consider becoming involved with their communities

  • Make Technology a Helpful Tool

Technology is often needed for efficiency and convenient access. Many of your customers don’t have time to actually get to know anyone at the bank or in the loan department, and sometimes a financial institution is too large to give single point-of-contact service. This means your customers are either visiting your website to obtain information, or they are at the mercy of the dreaded 1-800 service center. However, if these resources are managed correctly, they can be useful assets and add to the customer experience.

  • Emphasize SecurityWith all the recent hacking of sensitive information, customers need to be reassured of their privacy and security,This is important for any business, but obviously, this is paramount for financial institutions. Clients want to believe, feel and know that their money is safe.Taking extra measures to ensure your customers are safe leaves the impression that you are looking out for them.

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