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Ready to start your journey? (PHILIPIANS 3:3)

Real confidence is faith activating against Fear:

We are here all on a different paths but towards the same road. It’s not going be easier,

Here are my personal tips on how to build self-confidence. It was a long, hard and sometimes painful journey, but I made it by staying positive and I am done pleasing People and life is sweet and being free from impressing other people.  Just remember, beauty is a birthright. Everyone is born beautiful and unique.

it’s your own personal journey its starts with yourself .like snowflakes, finger prints none of them are the same, they are all one of a kind, we all have our special features that sets us apart, we are born with it, in life it’s not being accepted by everybody it’s about accepting yourself first, your imperfections are unique that someone else is admiring and really dyeing to have it.

Be one of a kind and don’t be perfect because you are not a robot or a doll. Embraces all your mistakes and weakness and push forward with a smile and allowing God to take charge.

And here are some of the guidance of how we maintain our confidence high in faith:

  1. Please save yourself from comparing yourself with other people. It’s a mental muscle: that needs every day exercise where your mind has to be fed and exercised daily: consciously think positive thoughts.
  2. Find your qualities: In this look for your passion qualities that propel you in your time to do it.If you don’t know your qualities ask you’re self what do I like to do.
  3. Have a body system: find Someone you can trust share your feelings with without being judged
  1. Focus on the cans and not can’t, with all your strengths on what you can do pushes you to do what you can’t do or thought you could not do. Please keep praising yourself every little success you make, please don’t criticize yourself, if you are home and you learn something new appreciate it. And learn to say thank you all the time. Just Remember that Gods strength is made perfect in our weakness.
  2. Pass your wisdom, love, gifts and time to others: this is what makes you special with sharing all you have with others makes others happy and it transforms and reflects back to you.
  3. Change your outlook and the surrounding that are positive :

Find positive inputs, influences and energy at all times and have positive chats with yourself, Listen to music and sound that will build your thoughts in moderation .positive people to push you .speak your flaws and fears with positive people who will make your weakness turn out to be your strengths. People who will pray with you at all times.

Romans 12:6 We have different gifts, according to the grace given us. If a man’s gift is prophesying, let him use it in proportion to hisb faith. 7 If it is serving, let him serve; if it is teaching, let him teach; 8 if it is encouraging, let him encourage; if it is contributing to the needs of others, let him give generously; if it is leadership, let him govern diligently; if it is showing mercy, let him do it cheerfully.


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Last week we were talking about how to welcome guests into our restaurants this week we will talk about on how we are going to give them great service and ensure we have them come back or maintain them in your business. So whether the customer is traveling for business or pleasure, you want your guests to experience comfort and convenience during their stay at your hotel / home / business. You aim to have amenities that seem effortless yet impeccable and finally is great service.

What is service?

  • The service provided is often something that the consumer cannot touch or feel. Service is often created and delivered on the spot, in many cases with significant involvement of the customers in the service process. Because of the visibility of the service process in many instances and the intangibility of many services, operations management and marketing are more interdependent.

Let’s start on ensuring you have loyal guest and this starts with the best experience from the door, to the reservation agent, to the hostess to the waiter to the meal presented from the kitchen here we are talking about the chefs and the entertainers and finally the cleaners and the cashiers in the hotel who ensure all this is done and not the Managers as most people and managers think that its them who ensure all this. It starts with each and every one and in service industry it’s never about doing it by myself it’s all about team work. And its team work if all have the same goal and vision and not vision and goal imposed on you to do it by the coach while the coach is sleeping.

The players have all different goals in mind and the goal keeper has his expectations and the coach has his/hers in mind. It’s only a team when we all work together to achieve the common goal.

How do we do this?…………………………………..

The guest or customer would like to have the same and even more service when he comes back into your hotel or business, their expectations are so raised very high up and when they come back they find a new face or either the same old face but now the service is either gone down to the drain and lost its first impact the guest had last time he patronized at the restaurant.

Let’s focus on how we will ensure that the great practice of profit service chain in your business and the rest will all fall into place. This affects the employee’s attitude towards their skills and talent and knowledge towards their professional line. Treat your Employees well deliver what you say you will deliver to them no matter what they will deliver what you want them to deliver to the guest exactly what you want them to do and even they will go beyond all that and this will have a complete change on behaviors of your customers and business growth and profits at long last.

…Total Quality Service delivery  is : When .service expectations have been exceeded Remember  your internal circle (employees attitude) reflects the you(Employers Attitude).just like a baby when he /she happy the parents are happy!

Attitude is everything” is a phrase we have all heard. How often is it put into practice at your restaurant? A recent study shared by Bob Pacanovsky of Robert J. – Training & Design© looked at why guests “quit” their restaurant:
• 1 % die
• 3% move away
• 14% are dissatisfied with the product
• 9% leave because of competitive reasons
That leaves 73% of guests who “quit” because of an attitude of indifference from staff.

The good news in these results is that you have a say in how you teach your staff to treat guests. A healthy company culture improves your company’s customer service, which in turn helps employee retention and productivity, and business quality and reputation.

Welcoming the guest/Escorting a guest to a table/ Seating a guest

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*As a host or hostess, you are the first and last person guests see at a restaurant. Because of this, you must always be on your A-game. Keeping the restaurant orderly, making sure guests are happy, and keeping track of what’s going on at each table are just some of the ways you can keep your guests and boss happy

These 12 Steps will make it easier to handle in a restaurant

  1. Keep track of each station. Make a chart of each server’s station, and what tables are in it (also learn the table layout by heart). Review all reservations for your shift, and assign suitable tables for each. Keep note of how many people are in a party, what time they arrived, and what table they are at. Also keep note of who is still there so that servers do not become overwhelmed
  2. Be aware as guests approach the restaurant. If you are busy with another guest, acknowledge the guest by saying, “I will be right with you,” make eye contact, or a simple hand gesture also works.
  3. Greet them with a smile and welcome them to the restaurant . Remember, you are the first and last chance for the restaurant to make a good impression, and set them at ease
  4. Find out how many people are dining. If there is a wait make sure to get everyone’s name in right away so they do not feel ignored. Guests will normally ask for a time frame. Never try to give a specific time. Tell them an ‘estimated’ time. Look at the wait list and add 5 minutes for each party of the same size. If 6 parties of 2 are on the list, the estimated wait time would be 30 minutes for another party of 2. Guests are generally impatient, and will find somewhere else to dine