Gift, Attitude, Skill.

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“What kind of person would you want to work with? Call out some traits,” said Seth.

Smart. Passionate. Talented. A great listener. Problem solver . . . and so on.

As each trait was placed in the appropriate category, it became increasingly difficult to differentiate an attitude and a skill. At one point we all looked like confused puppies.

As the list narrowed down a pattern began to emerge: attitudes and skills cannot exist without one another.

When hiring or deciding the direction of the company culture, it’s easy to mistake what we’re looking for. Gifts are the shiny attributes that are unique to the individual, like innate talent. Attitudes and skills are malleable traits that denote “the person they’ll become,” as Jason Fried describes it:

While it’s a bonus to find that perfect person today, I find it more rewarding (for me and them) to pluck the…

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