Training on job(hospitality )

This week I’m excited to share something a little bit different with you. I put together a list of the 9 recurring nightmares every training manager knows all too well, these scenarios are sure to make you laugh

  1. When a trainee calls me after the training session and says, “I know we learned it, but I forgot”
  2. When the Director says, “Why do we have to do another training session, we just had one!”
  3. When the director of finance  blames me for our employees making errors when using our softwares systems
  4. When an employee says, “Why do I have to take time away from my work to help others, didn’t they just have a training session?”
  5. When I see some employees aren’t listening to me during training because the topic isn’t relevant to their role
  6. When I realize I just spent 70% of the training time, teaching how to operate software, and have no time left for teaching the business
  7. When I have to introduce new software or features to veteran employees
  8. when employees get frustrated and discouraged from not remembering what they’ve learned
Want these nightmares to end?

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